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Should Agriculturists & Farmers Use Payroll?

Should Agriculturists Use Payroll?

A payroll platform isn’t, and shouldn’t be, just for traders and companies - regardless of the business size. Nobody understands crop management and material stocking the way farmers do.


But what do farmers need with Your Payroll? And why?

Simple. A hassle-free employee payment and that includes seasonal employee payments as well. A wage book or a spreadsheet is absolutely not reliable nowadays - changes in IRD are constant and manually updating and adjusting them to the books are time-consuming, not to mention, confusing at times.


What are the challenges farmers might face with Payroll?

Recording the correct number of work hours, which is mandatory. But with Your Payroll account, adjusting their hours is quite easy as it can be edited prior to emailing or printing the payslip.


Your Employee's Payslip looks like this -




Accurately Record Work Hours

In some cases, farm work is unpredictable, and with our payroll platform, we ensure that your employees will not be paid below New Zealand’s legal minimum wage, hence avoiding legal formalities. Our wage alert will pop-up when that happens. This is also applicable to additional work hours where you or your staff can manually enter and it gets automatically calculated without manually changing their salary (unless necessary).



Up-to-date & Fully IRD Compliant

Our platform has been designed to stay fully compliant with IRD rules and any forthcoming changes to their taxes, fees, laws, and more. This allows you time to get back on the field any time without losing track of your payroll progression. Everything is explained step-by-step inside the member pages (once registered), or you can simply use the ‘Show Tip’ function to guide you through the process.


Secured And Supports All NZ Banks

Keeping records on paper is unpredictable and risky these days, not to forget, they have to be safely kept for up to 7 years, by law. Our security system is at par with online banking and your records are guaranteed to be safe and secured due to automatic back-ups to our digital cloud container. This also ensures your connection to your bank is held with confidentiality. We use the https protocol on all our pages and communications are encrypted.


payroll for farmers & agriculture


What features does Your Payroll have?

◯  Pay as per employment agreement and type - casual, part-time, permanent, etc.

◯  Pay at least the minimum as per New Zealand laws.

◯  Ensure that leaves and holidays are accounted for and paid.

◯  Securely store employee records and pay records for at least 7 years.

◯  Tally hours worked and pay employees that have varying hours correctly.

◯  Automatically deduct PAYE and pay to IRD.

◯  Make any deductions necessary KiwiSaver, Student Loan, etc.

◯  Payslips readily available for download or printing.


Best of all, it is absolutely FREE to use. Works even better if you have an accountant who will take care of the accounting and taxes while using our platform to handle employee payroll.


About The Author ⬎

Your Payroll Team

Our team is fully accredited with the IRD and have years of experience in both payroll accounting practices and Inland Revenue taxes. They are also affiliated with a few of our business partners and can relate to clients and customers alike on all issues.


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