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New Zealand's Payroll Comparison

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Which Payroll Should You Pick?

A brief comparison between Your Payroll Ltd and other New Zealand Payroll providers.


If you're concerned about which NZ Payroll to pick, don't worry, you're not the only one. This only means your business instincts have kicked-in, alerting you to be wary about what Payroll is right for your business.


First, in order to figure out how to make that decision, consider the following:


❯   Number of employees you have — Almost all cloud-based payroll software are priced on how many employees you have, usually in multiples of 5. Obviously the more employees you have the higher the cost is.


❯   Kind of services you want — NZ's payroll services come in ranges of full-support to add-ons to basic levels. Depending on the scale of your business, typically between starters and mid-sized, the cost is impacted.


❯   Level of support you need — Some payroll companies offer support separately, depending on your expertise level, you can choose phone support, chat, or plain emails. In most cases, this is crucial only in tricky situations such as alternative leaves, public holidays, etc.


❯   How much will you pay — Just like shopping, this is the final question, but we will not delve too much into it as it depends entirely on your situation. Although FREE does sound good, we DO NOT recommend spreadsheets at all.


So work out your answers to the questions above and then go ahead and pick your Payroll tool using the table below.



New Zealand Payroll Comparison

Payroll Provider
For 1-10 Employees
For 20+ Employees
Is It Cloud-Based?
Level of Support
Level of Service
best-nz-payroll-software-2019-min Your Payroll FREE FREE  Email Self-service
Thank You Payroll
1-day processing is $260
2-day processing is free

1-day processing is $520
2-day processing is free

Email + Phone Complete service
Includes filing returns
iPayroll  $1,144  $2,054 Not clear Complete service
Includes filing returns
$299 annual licence
$0 - $1,040 for service
$529 annual licence
$180 - $2,080 for service
Phone training session for $60 Complete service
Includes filing returns
$250 for unlimited employees $250 for unlimited employees Unlimited phone support for $195 p.a. Self-input
File own returns
Additional $25 for subscription Additional $35 for subscription Email + Phone Self-input
File own returns
$22 - $56 per month (depending on plan)
$20 monthly fee
$40 - $140 per month (depending on plan)
$20 monthly fee
Email + Phone Complete service

*Last updated: 30/09/2018


Or, you can try our software for now, for FREE, and see for yourself what you really need. Our only catch is, you have to manually enter all details on your own. Our system will do the calculations.

About The Author ⬎

Your Payroll Team

Our team is fully accredited with the IRD and have years of experience in both payroll accounting practices and Inland Revenue taxes. They are also affiliated with a few of our business partners and can relate to clients and customers alike on all issues.


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