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How to Set up Employee

1. Before you start, you need:

a. Give your employee IRD tax declaration form IR330 (For employee) or IR330C (For contractor);


b. Give your employee Kiwisaver forms (KS1KS2KS3 and KS10)(If available);


c. They need to fill in the form, sign and return them back to you.


2. You also need:

d. Employee's IRD Number;


e. Employee's Contact Details, including: mobile phone number and email;


f. Employee's Photo ID (Passport or NZ driver licence);


g. Student Loan Letter from IRD (if available).


3. Is this employee New or Existing employee?

If Existing employee, you also need: Latest payslip.


If New employee, you don't need to worry the payslip.


4. Now, you can start to create New employee, click the link below.