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How to Add Leaves in Payrun

Get started

Click the button shown in the image to add leave for this employee.

Step 2

There are in total 7 items in leave page:


  • Annual Leave;
  • Sick Leave;
  • Alternative Holiday;
  • Public Holiday;
  • Public Holiday Worked;
  • Bereavement Leave;
  • Final Pay.

Step 3

Current available leave balances show on the right of the page.

Step 4

Click leave names to add the leave.


The underlined words are the explanation of each leave item.

Step 5

For Annual Leave,


Click “Save” button to add it to calculation.

Step 6

Input how many hours of annual leave have been taken in this pay run period.

Step 7

For all other leaves, you need to input:


  1. How many hours have been taken for this leave;
  2. How many days have been taken for this leave;
  3. Click to save.

Step 8

If you would like to delete one leave item, please:


  1. Click the leave you want to delete;
  2. Then click the button to delete.