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How to Set Up Employee | Personal Tab

Things to Know

  • If video learning is your style, please click on video and start to learn Set up Employee in Your Payroll (watch time 7' 05"). 
  • If step by step instruction is your style, then keep scrolling down. 

Make sure you have following before start:


  • Employee's IRD Number;
  • Employee's Contact Details, including: mobile phone number and email;
  • Employee's Photo ID (Passport or NZ driver licence);
  • Student Loan Letter from IRD (if available).

Get Started

First, go to employee page, then click “Create Your First Employee” button.

Step 2

If you already have employees in the system,

click “New Employee” button to add new employees.

Step 3

Then input employee's basic information.

Step 4

The “Start Date” is the day when the employee started to work for you.

Step 5

It is recommended to input employee’s job title.


It will show in the payslips.

Step 6

Select "Employment Type".


NOTE: This comes from your employment agreement. If you are not sure about this, consult with your employment lawyer. 

Step 7

Choose salary rate type, it can be either:


a) Hourly Rate, or;


b) Annual Salary.


NOTE: If you are not sure, please check your employment contract. 

Step 8

If it’s hourly rate, input the rate and average working hours per week.



NOTE: If you are not sure, please check your employment contract. 


You can always change it later.

Step 9

If it’s annual salary, input the salary amount without KiwiSaver, and average working hours per week.

Step 10

Please also input:


a) Their mobile and email address (Your employee will receive payslips via this email);


b) The bank account that your employee receives the salaries.

Step 11

Then click “Next” button to set up employee's tax information.