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How to Set Up Employee | Additional Earnings

Things to Know

  • If video learning is your style, please click on video and start to learn Set up Employee in Your Payroll (watch from 1' 53"). 


  • If step by step instruction is your style, then keep scrolling down. 


Make sure you have following before start:


  • Employee's IRD Number;


  • Employee's Contact Details, including: mobile phone number and email;


  • Employee's Photo ID (Passport or NZ driver licence);




  • Student Loan Letter from IRD (if available).

Get Started

Select the type of your employee's additional earning.

Step 2

Give it a name so that you can clearly identify it.

Step 3

Select whether the additional earning is fixed amount or per hour rate.

Step 4

Please be noted that bonus can only be fixed amount.

Step 5

Input the amount here.

Step 6

Choose it is either taxable or not taxable.

Step 7

Do you pay Kiwisaver for this amount?


  • If No, please check this box;

  • If Yes, please leave it blank.

Step 8

If you want to delete one item in this section, simply click the red button.

Step 9

Click here to add more items if you need.

Step 10