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About Your Payroll Ltd., NZ


Your Payroll is a New Zealand owned and operated company who specialises in providing a fully integrated, all-encompassing people management payroll software solution. Central to our success, and to our client's success, are the capable people who make up the Your Payroll team. Designed and built in New Zealand, Your Payroll is the backbone of many of our most successful companies, nationwide.



Your Payroll’s new clients are through word-of-mouth, or they find us via search engines like Google. This means we have fewer costs and are able to pass these savings on to our clients. What's more, Your Payroll does not charge for new report creation, nor for any new features or product enhancements. This means no surprise bills. It's the Your Payroll way!



Delivering timely, accurate payroll and attendance information is the key to our success. Our information systems are designed to provide outstanding visibility and communication in every aspect of our service. We utilise the best of technology to provide a reliable support on which you can depend on. Thousands of tests have been done to ensure that all aspects of Your Payroll are thoroughly tested.



Having years of experience in the New Zealand market has allowed Your Payroll to become a reliable and respected provider. Your Payroll is financially stable and secure, which means that you can be assured that we will be around for many years to come.



We earn our success by providing an outstanding, efficient service. We provide exceptional cost savings and increased staff efficiencies to the end client. We focus and invest heavily in our staff so they can provide you with the best service and products.



We have other reliable partners and chartered accountants we can link you with for free (no registration/minimal fee). Just let us know and we'll readily hit up our partners and inform them about your interest.

Thank God for Your Payroll! It has made a significant difference in my business. I’ve already seen gaps and loopholes where my employees are either underpaid or overpaid. And I’m always on time with their payslips now. I’d like more features!

– J Seerling