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How to Set Up Employee | Tax Tab

Things to Know

  • If video learning is your style, please click on video and start to learn Set up Employee in Your Payroll (watch from 0' 54"). 
  • If step by step instruction is your style, then keep scrolling down. 

Make sure you have following before start:


  • Employee's IRD Number;
  • Employee's Contact Details, including: mobile phone number and email;
  • Employee's Photo ID (Passport or NZ driver licence);
  • Student Loan Letter from IRD (if available).

Get Started

Input employee's IRD number and tax code.


Ask the employee/contractor to complete and give you a Tax Code Declaration (IR330/IR330C) Form and KiwiSaver Forms (if available), which contain their tax information.


You can download these forms on the right side of the page.


Learn more about tax code

Step 2

SLCIR is Student Loan Compulsory Extra Deductions .


Only click this box, if you have SLCIR letter from IRD. Click to see sample letter.

Step 3

SLBOR is Student Loan Voluntary Extra Deductions.


Only click this box, if your employee would like to make voluntary student loan deduction.


Please confirm the amount with him/her;

Step 4

Is your employee a primary or secondary school student?


If No, leave this box blank;


If Yes, check the box.

Step 5

Does your employee have a special tax code or student loan repayment


If No, leave this box blank;


If Yes, please fill these cells according to IR23 Certificate.