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Automatic vs Manual Payroll Calculation

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Payroll Calculation: Time To Upgrade


Manual labour, when it comes to calculations, not only are physically demanding but can also take up a lot of time and resources, not to mention the risk of errors in complex calculations.


A proper business-person will want to minimise expenditure and reduce risk wherever possible.


This is entirely possible with cloud payroll technology like ours - a professional, seamless and FREE payroll solution.


Of course, there are various ways of calculating payroll - excel spreadsheets, hard-copies, online calculators and many more. While these methods can still produce accurate results, however, such methods are still risky if used at a firm with more than 5 employees, or are stretched all over the country.


Why Is Manual Payroll Calculation Inferior?


Some of the main reasons manual calculation is inferior are -


  • They do not provide record keeping.
  • Paperwork such as receipts, invoices, etc., are often not stored at a secure level.
  • Manual PAYE and payroll calculations cannot always keep abreast of changes in payroll legislation.
  • Necessary additional deductions such as ACC levies and child support payments are often overlooked.
  • They will not always accurately assess the required lump sum payment or an unusual pay cycle.
  • Manual payroll and PAYE calculators come with an inherent volume of business risk and they take a lot more time.
  • Manual payroll cannot process all functions such as completing employee payments, sending payslips, and actioning correct filings within minutes.


All in all, it is just not simply practical for business-owners to run manual payroll and calculations if they want to stay safe from IRD and NZ laws.


Join us, we'll even set you up with a bookkeeper or an accountant if required, and that too for the duration you want. All options are open.

About The Author ⬎

Your Payroll Team

Our team is fully accredited with the IRD and have years of experience in both payroll accounting practices and Inland Revenue taxes. They are also affiliated with a few of our business partners and can relate to clients and customers alike on all issues.


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